Armata Salvarii – Romania

Mobile Health Clinic

More than 5,000 people live on the streets in Bucharest. To help meet some of their acute needs we have established a mobile health clinic. This project especially targets homeless people living in the vicinity of Gara de Nord, Bucharest’s central train station, but also other places in the city.

The program offers treatment for basic health needs, assists people to connect with the public health system, and provides soup along with hot and cold drinks. The team consists of a doctor, a social worker, a driver as well as a social worker coordinates the program.
It is said that the longer you live on the streets the harder it is to get used to an ordinary life. But we say that as long as there is hope there can be a better future for those who desire it.This program operates closely with our corps (church) in Bucharest, which contributes volunteers and provides spiritual guidance. Beneficiaries are encouraged to link with church activities; for example, we have commenced football practice for anyone interested.

Children at Gara de Nord, so happy to see our colleagues with the mobile clinic

The mobile clinic, a much needed help for the homeless people