Armata Salvarii – Romania

Regional Headquarters

Regional Leaders

Majors Leanne and Drew Ruthven are Australians (well, Drew is actually Scottish) who arrived in Romania in January 2015. They have been Salvation Army officers for more than 30 years and have also worked in the United Kingdom and Papua New Guinea.

Leanne has experience in corps (church) leadership, management, personnel, administration and editorial work. She has been the Army’s Editor-in-Chief and Publishing Secretary in both Australia and the United Kingdom, and has published two books. She likes going to the beach, but finds this rather difficult living in Bucharest.

Drew also has experience in corps leadership as well as social work. This includes drug and alcohol rehabilitation, courts and prisons work, and work with refugees and asylum seekers. He was also The Salvation Army’s International Emergency Services Coordinator in London and was involved in relief operations following the 2004 tsunami, the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the 2011 nuclear reactor disaster in Fukushima, Japan.
He does not like going to the beach, but enjoys photography and music.

Regional Headquarter’s staff

Ramona Stancu is the accountant, responsible for the Army’s finances in Romania. Ramona likes to travel, to go shopping and to cook.  :-) When time permits it, Ramona likes to swim and play badminton.

Simen Mørstad Johansen is the Norway Grants Alleviating Poverty manager. Simen is Norwegian but is based in Bucharest. He has been working for Salvation Army in Norway since 2004, where he started to pick up the Romanian language taking part in an immigration project. Has a master degree in sociology, specialized in the relation between animals and society. Enjoys both sports and music as a consumer and producer as well as learning new languages. Is slowly falling in love with Bucharest.

Mariana Ștefan is a social assistant who looks after administration and statistics. She describes herself as shy and she says she likes to continue learning all her life. Music and hand-made crafts are her hobbies. She loves shopping but doesn’t like expensive things.

Alina Anghel is our translator and public relations adviser. After she had worked for 12 years as a journalist, Alina decided it was time for a change. Alina is now happy to call The Salvation Army her second home.

Petra Pălălău is our cook, cleaner, caretaker and general ‘go to’ person for anything to do with our headquarters building. She likes to read, to get the power to serve and to share with people all she has. She loves coffee, ice cream and cookies.

The Salvation Army – International Mission Statement

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible.

Its ministry is motivated by love for God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in his name without discrimination.