Shine a Light on Slavery Day

Since the beginning of humanity, people have been bought, sold, and enslaved by other people. But one of the great collective triumphs of our world has been our ability to end slavery. Slaves themselves, along with people of faith, were at the forefront of challenging this evil practice.

Born out of the belief that even one person trapped in slavery is too many, #ENDITMOVEMENT is a coalition of the leading organizations in the world in the fight for freedom, including The Salvation Army. Each of our amazing coalition partners are doing the work, on the ground, everyday, to bring awareness prevention, rescue, and restoration. Joined by students and politicians, nonprofits and Fortune 500s, END IT is each of us standing for what’s right until the number of men, women, and children suffering in silence moves from 40 million, to ZERO.

In 2012, leaders from the very organizations in the world in the fight for freedom convened in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, bringing with them statistics and stories of the tens of millions trapped in slavery, presenting a staggering truth: most of the world knew NOTHING about the largest human rights issue of its time.

Out of that Freedom Summit, The END IT Movement emerged as a vehicle for awareness. The first step in addressing a problem is to admit you have one. The goal was clear; to leave no hiding place for slavery to exist unseen and unchallenged. The people of the world would begin shining a light on slavery.

Drawing a RED X on your hand may seem simple at first, but you’ll be amazed at the conversations it prompts with everyone from your boss to your barista; conversations that educate and inspire the people in your circles one by one. Afterall, action starts with awareness.

The Salvation Army’s international strategic plan to end slavery includes Awareness & Trainings, Prevention & Outreach, Survivor Services & Recovery and Partnership & Advocacy. Find out more information at

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