Divisional Situation Report – 6 April 2022

Photos and videos have been posted at: flickr.com/armatasalvariiromania


Ongoing Romania Division Activities:

  • The team from Moldova Division, Divisional Leader Major Olga Iniutochkina and Captain Andrei Colicev and Cadet Alexandr Porojniuc arrived on Sunday in Siret. From Romania they are joined by Lt. Emil Ghenea and Cadet Polina Mahovici.
  • The Salvation Army is still working in conjuction with DSU/ISU and AsproAS in Siret, Romania.
  • TSA is coordinating with Bucharest City Hall (DGASMB – General Director of Social Assistance Bucharest) at Romexpo, an expo center. 2000 beds are prepared for overflow emergency shelter and is open daily as a distribution center for donated goods.
  • The team from IES, Major Mike McKee (USA), Captain Petr Janoušek (Czech Republic), and Major Irene Mathison (Norway), continue running a table at Romexpo in Bucharest providing supermarket vouchers to Ukraine refugee families, and anti-human trafficking flyers. 2831 vouchers have been distributed.
  • Major Roxana Sandu (Romania Divisional Leader) is coordinating volunteers at Romexpo, where Volunteers and employees are assisting sorting clothes and other donations.
  • The Salvation Army is only assisting and providing emergency overnight shelters at corps. Any long-term housing arrangements are being transferred and arranged with local government strategies.
  • Iași Corps had 107 refugee families (354 persons) accommodated. Many only stay one night.
  • Ploiești Corps had 13 refugee families (33 persons) accommodated at the corps for a few nights, a few have been transferred to subsidized living in Brazi.
  • Ploiesti Corps is coordinating with Brazi City Hall, a suburb of Ploiesti. The City Hall has 31 apartments for refugees. They are assisting families there with essential supplies and helping the families setup Romanian language classes with a local school.
  • Buzau Corps had 1 refugee family (4 persons) accommodated by a family at the corps, they’ve since travelled to Germany. Lt. Emil Ghenea and Polina Mahovici rotate days at the Siret border.
  • Bacau Corps is assisting a refugee family with transportation to Germany. Captain Nicolae Dumitru and volunteers from Bacau corps rotate days at the Siret border.
  • Bucharest Corps had 2 refugee families (15 persons) accommodated at the corps.
  • Anti-human trafficking materials continue to be handed out to refugees.
  • Over 6000 flyers of awareness and prevention have been handed out to refugees, and other NGOs working in contact with refugees, warning of potential dangers of trafficking, 3 cases that we are aware of were saved directly from these warnings, it’s not known exactly how many more have also been prevented from the dangers.
  • Food and medicine continue to be the need for donations for camps in Romania and in Ukraine that can be transported via Romania.


Service stats:

4126    Refugees assisted at the border
406     Refugees given overnight shelter at corps
1560   Families who received vouchers
2831   Total vouchers distributed


Photos and videos can be found on social media accounts and Flickr:

Romania news updates can be found here:
(EN) https://armatasalvarii.ro/en/news/

Map of Romania’s work:

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