Hope is greater than fear

We are in emergency because of this virus, Covid-19. It looks like an image taken from the movies. We continue to believe and hope that it is not real, that only too much is done, that we find excuses, that we can move to the online environment, exactly what we did not want, maybe we can avoid as much as possible, but, it is as real as possible and we are called to isolation, which makes everything very difficult, because man is created to socialize, to enjoy interpersonal relationships and to stay together!

However, the human being adapts quickly, God created us in a wonderful way!

Thus we have meetings and activities online, from young people and children, to adults and the elderly, who have adapted to modern times. We hold hands online and pray more than ever to see a future!

Our hope must be greater in this darkness that has been left over our world.

People need spiritual support as well as food and medicins. Several colleagues, officers and volunteers from the locations where the Salvation Army operates, have made huge efforts to reach those with such needs.

Salvation Army Mobile Team continues to look through Bucharest for homeless people, to help them reach the open shelters to receive them during the day.

The social laundry in Iași is open daily for the Rossetti center, the homeless people and the medical staff in hospitals. Everything is done with the necessary protection measures.

Because the school is not over and the children are still “going” to the online school, and we believe in continuing education, the SMART project has moved its after-school activities online. This is not only about education, but also about the need for a healthy socialization offered by our specialists, educators and social workers.

These days we are trying to remove the fear that has comprised humanity, with the hope we have in the good God. We do this through our actions and activities, taking all the protection and safety measures, obeying the recommendations given by the authorities and trusting God that #everythingwillbefine !

In closing, we quote a statement of the hope offered by Max Lucado, in his book “Unshakable Hope”.

“We are building our lives on the promises of God! Because his Word is unbreakable, our hope is unshakable. We do not stand on the problems of life or the pain in life. We stand on the great and precious promises of God.”

Ionuț and Roxy Sandu
Regional Leaders
The Salvation Army Romania

EMAS Shares Christmas at Bucharest Shelter

The Salvation Army Mobile Team delivered bags of Christmas gifts to the homeless shelter in Bucharest last night. Inside each bag were supplies for those currently living in the shelter and warm soup and coffee or tea.

These individuals have a wide variety of stories and backgrounds who have found hope, refuge and warmth on these frigid nights in Bucharest. But best of all is knowing there are people who haven’t forgotten them for Christmas this year.

The Salvation Army Romania is proud to partner with this shelter throughout the year, delivering supplies and providing a hot soup, coffee and/or tea. May God bless them and continue to share the love this Christmas.

EMAS Christmas 2018

Mission Romania delivers shoeboxes

Every year a team of 7 drives 2 vehicles to Romania, full with shoeboxes for Christmas. 3500 miles and delivering to 5 centres. Each shoebox is donated and checked before delivering, ranging from infants to teenagers, boys and girls.

The team had the opportunity to deliver directly to a few families in each community, while the remainder are at each corps waiting to be delivered to children by local volunteers and administration.

AS MissionRomania Bucharest Christmas Gifts Delivery-9153

All these items are given freely by various people from churches and organisations in the UK to which the team are extremely grateful to all who help.

The team will also drop and deliver humanitarian aid which consists of mainly basic food items (Sugar, Oil Pasta, Rice, Cornflour, Biscuits) and warm blankets to aid them through the difficult and often cold winter months.

Keep up with them and follow their Facebook Page.

Mission Romania 2018