How could the world change? Through every spontaneous gesture of kindness

In a world deeply marked by the presence of a virus that has managed to isolate us in a way difficult to anticipate so far, in April, The Salvation Army team arrived with gifts in the homes of 40 children around the Day Center Iași, all coming from vulnerable families.

This approach was possible thanks to the collaboration with the Romanian team of the Amazon company, which offered basic food, cakes and toys to all the little ones of our center in Iași on the eve of the Easter holidays.

In just two days these wonderful people lovingly thought and bought each gift given to the children and our social workers took the place of the heroes in the stories, delivering all the gifts in one day and receiving in return the smiles and hugs of these pure souls.

We thank and the special people from the Amazon Romania team for the solidarity you showed in supporting our approach.

You had the power to bring so much joy to some families tried during this period and for this gesture we also give you the expression of gratitude to these wonderful children!

Mission Romania delivers shoeboxes

Every year a team of 7 drives 2 vehicles to Romania, full with shoeboxes for Christmas. 3500 miles and delivering to 5 centres. Each shoebox is donated and checked before delivering, ranging from infants to teenagers, boys and girls.

The team had the opportunity to deliver directly to a few families in each community, while the remainder are at each corps waiting to be delivered to children by local volunteers and administration.

AS MissionRomania Bucharest Christmas Gifts Delivery-9153

All these items are given freely by various people from churches and organisations in the UK to which the team are extremely grateful to all who help.

The team will also drop and deliver humanitarian aid which consists of mainly basic food items (Sugar, Oil Pasta, Rice, Cornflour, Biscuits) and warm blankets to aid them through the difficult and often cold winter months.

Keep up with them and follow their Facebook Page.

Mission Romania 2018