New Elected General: Lyndon Buckingham

The Salvation Army held a significant gathering on May 27, 2023, in the High Council chamber to elect their 22nd General. The event was deeply rooted in prayer and spiritual reflection. Commissioner Brad Bailey, the President of the Council, welcomed members and emphasized the gravity of the moment, describing it as a partnership with God in choosing the Army’s future leader. The Chaplain, Commissioner Yusak Tampai, introduced the theme “We are in this together,” reinforcing it with prayers and songs that members participated in.

Colonel Samuel Baah focused on Scripture passages that emphasized reliance on God’s guidance, and he urged members to seek divine direction in the voting process.

The election was held in a solemn, silent atmosphere, culminating in the selection of Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham as the 22nd General of The Salvation Army. After the election, special prayers and blessings were offered, including the first-ever blessing in the Māori language to honor New Zealanders in the chamber. The gathering concluded with well-wishes for the General-elect and The Salvation Army as a whole.

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