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We do our best to make the website of “The Salvation Army Christian Mission in Romania” Association, with its registered office in Strada Inginer Dumitru Zosima nr. 16, București, Sector 1, Fiscal Code 18122246, (“The Salvation Army in Romania”, “We”, “Us”/“To Us”/“Our”) informative and convenient to use . Therefore, we use in our website and related third-party platforms such as: YouTube, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Maps, PayPal, Stripe, Salesforce, Flickr and Mailchimp, technology that allows collecting, processing, sorting information regarding how out website is being used. This helps to improve our website and its optimization.

When you visit our website, information about your visit is stored in the form of cookie files. Cookie files are small text files that websites send to a visitor’s computer or other device when connected to the Internet solely to identify the user’s browser or store the information or browser settings. Cookie files are unique to your account or your browser.

This means that the website “remembers” visitors to the website who have used the website several times and can obtain statistics on visits to our website by users. It can be information about the pages you visit or information about device you are using, IP address and your browser version, etc.

We use cookies to analyze the use of the website, location identification, implementation of social media functionality, analysis of the popularity of certain parts of the website, providing news and updates on The Salvation Army in Romania, providing assistance with needs you have requested.

Cookie files are classified as:

  • Session cookies – these are stored only for the time of your visit to the website and are automatically deleted when you close the browser, they do not collect any personal data from your computer.
  • Permanent cookies – these are stored on your computer and it remains there after closing the browser. The cookie files can be recognized by the website that created it, when you visit the website again, we use permanent cookies for Google Analytics to analyze the use of our website and leads to improvements for overall visitors.

Cookies may be turned off or deleted at any time – see your web browser help guide for instructions specific to your system. Please note that functionality of this website may be impaired if cookies are switched off.

Information about visitors to our website is important to us, and we do not pass this information to others.

We reserve the right to make changes to the Cookie Policy from time to time without prior notice. The changes will take into effect when the new version of the Cookie Policy is published.

Regarding the use of cookies by third-party platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Maps, PayPal, Flickr and Mailchimp, you should read the Privacy Policy for managing cookies for social networks on the relevant websites:  YouTube, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Maps, PayPal, Flickr and Mailchimp.

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Last updated: 29.07.2020